“The Girls Who Saw Everything” by Sean Dixon

So I recently read The Girls Who Saw Everything and I loved it! It was actually part of my required reading for a course I’m taking (New Writing in Canada), usually I’m not too fond of course books, but this one was great.

First of all, it’s Canadian … how can you go wrong? You can’t. Second of all, it’s about a book club that gets very into their analysis of the books they read. Not only do these girls (and some boys) read the novels, but they go to the extent of reenacting them. Talk about commitment!

Some great things about the book: it’s lgbtq friendly (one of the characters is actually transgendered, others identify as gay or lesbian), the narration is wicked cool (at one point the two narrators leave the story only to become flies – literally – and watch the other characters), and finally, the story line is just great.

The story line (in short) focuses on girls who … well, see everything. Actually, it’s more of a commentary on what it’s like to be growing up in a busy city while dealing with many of life’s difficulties: sex, drugs, death, and loss.

It really is a great read and the structure of the novel is something I’ve never come across, very cool stuff. Give it a try! =)


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