“Officers and Gentlemen” by Evelyn Waugh

So I recently finished reading Waugh’s “Officer’s and Gentlemen” and I wasn’t all that impressed. It’s one of those book you hear about since you’re born; a classic. So I was excited to read it, but in the end I felt like I could have gone without it.

Let me start by saying that it’s a book for a seminar so I didn’t have much of a choice in reading it, but if I had the choice I may have started reading it because it’s one of those books that everyone reads at some point.

The novel is set during World War 2 and follows a group of soldiers on their missions. I’m not a person who’s very big on violence and personally don’t like reading or watching things related to wars or battles. So for that reason I didn’t like the book.

I also didn’t like it so much because they call people by their rank, something that I’m not used to, so it was difficult to follow who they were talking about.

There were some funny bits about a guy nicknamed “Trimmer” who flirts and fails with a woman named Virginia who seems to be having an affair with Trimmer’s friend and fellow soldier, Ian. Trimmer is convinced that Virginia will love him, but Virginia doesn’t want to see him let alone date him. It was a typical boy likes girl, girl hates boy, boy gets girl in the end story line which, for me, was the most entertaining part.

In any case, if you’re into war book then I definitely recommend this book. Also, if you’re looking into reading it because it’s a classic, then I say go for it, but be warned it uses a lot of war terminology, not gruesome so much as confusing. So give it a try if you’re up for it!


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