“The End of the Affair” by Graham Greene

I just finished reading this novel by Graham Greene and I wasn’t that impressed. The back cover made it sound exciting with a hint of crazy, but I was disappointed when actually reading the novel.

The story is about Maurice Bendrix and his affair with Sarah Miles, a woman married to Henry Miles. Bendrix falls in love with Sarah after talking to her once after which an affair follows. The affair quickly turns into an obsession when Sarah suddenly breaks it off. Bendrix then hires a private detective to follow Sarah and report back to him. By this point you’d think that the story would end in a murder, but it doesn’t. Instead, Sarah becomes fatally ill, dies, and Henry (Sarah’s husband) and Bendrix move in together.

Apparently the novel is supposed to be based on Greene’s affair with Lady Catherine Walston, a woman married to a civil servant (Henry has the same profession in the novel). You’d think that fact would make the novel a little juicier, but it failed to pull me in.

Somehow a novel that starts with a steamy affair ends with talk of Catholicism and several miracles that the late Sarah is somehow responsible for.

The trailer for the movie seems much more exciting then the novel itself. Take a look:


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