“Annie on my Mind” by Nancy Garden

As promised, here’s my blurb about Annie on my Mind. I read this novel back in high school, maybe 6 or seven years ago and I absolutely loved it then, but when I reread it this time, I wasn’t that impressed, which is part of the reason that it took me so long to finally post something about it (the other reason is that I’ve been doing some traveling). I think the reason I enjoyed the book so much when I first read it was because I was only just accepting my sexual orientation and so I could relate to the characters. I can still relate to the characters, but in a different way. When I first read the novel, I could see myself in the same position as the characters, confused and worried that I might be called gay if I liked a girl. Now when I read it, I still related to that part, but I also found the storyline juvenile and more geared toward young readers (probably why I liked the novel so much when I read it in high school).

I definitely still recommend reading this book for anyone who is dealing with coming out, or parents with gay children. The novel really gives a good eye opening experience to those who are struggling with accepting themselves or people they love. Annie on my Mind shows readers that being gay is not a decision, but coming out and deciding to be happy are decisions, and they’re not ones that are made lightly.

Go grab a copy and see for yourself!


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