“Never say Never” by Linda Hill

Apparently “Never say Never” is the title of some Justin Beiber song, don’t worry, this novel is a trillion times better (if not more). So I read this while on vacation in Europe and it was a great read. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked this novel. I would read it in between lunch and dinner and I’d want to leave dinner early so I could read it again. It was simply a great read.

The story follows Leslie who’s gay and has recently broken up with her longtime girlfriend. At work Leslie meets Sara, a straight woman who believes that Leslie is also straight. Now you can probably figure out what happens next … Leslie falls for Sara, but can’t have Sara because Sara is straight so Leslie dates another woman who is gay. And you’re absolutely right if you thought that, but the novel takes a turn and Leslie and Sara explore a relationship that’s more than friendship.

I really like this novel because it shows a gay woman’s anxieties about getting involved with a straight woman. It’s difficult (in any situation) to put yourself out there and not know if the other person is just using you for an experience or if they’re genuinely in love with you. So trust is a huge part of this novel and the difficulty there is of gaining someone’s trust and keeping that trust alive when things start to crumble.

It’s funny, romantic, sweet, kind, and at parts, slightly erotic, so pick up a copy for yourself and experience Linda Hill’s amazing story, Never say Never.


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