“Beach Town” by Ann Roberts

I read this novel today within a few hours and really enjoyed it. When I first picked it up, the opening chapter didn’t leave me wanting more. Roberts sets the chapters up in a way that they start with the name of a character and focus on that character throughout the novel, similar to what Jodi Picoult does in her books. The first chapter started with a character named Jonah who is someone you’re meant to hate throughout the novel and this is his first and only chapter. I don’t really understand why the author chose to start with him and not with Kira, the main character, since she could have given similar details to the ones that Jonah gives. Either way, once I got past that first chapter, I really enjoyed the book.

The story follows Kira Drake, a famous movie star who is gay and very closeted due to her mother and agent (Jonah) forcing her to stay “in.” For the filming of her next movie, Kira travels to a small beach town in San Francisco where she meets a woman named Flynn. The two hit it off and the first half of the novel follows their summer romance. It’s a sweet story and is easy to relate to for anyone who has ever been in love. I had a hard time putting the novel down at this point, even if it was to take a sip of coffee, since Kira and Flynn’s love was so wonderful and refreshing to read about.

The second part of the novel picks up fifteen years later when Flynn and Kira are both in their forties; Flynn is a successful veterinarian in Ocean Beach (the same beach town in San Francisco) and Kira is still a closeted movie actress.

The novel will have you rooting for Kira and Flynn’s relationship the entire time. I wouldn’t be surprised if you’d have a hard time putting the book down. Don’t be mislead by the first chapter, I promise it is a great read once you pass that point!

Grab a copy and enjoy reading about a summer romance.


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