“Greetings from Jamaica, Wish You Were Queer…” by Mari SanGiovanni

I just finished reading this book about …. 2 minutes ago and it was HILARIOUS! I’m gonna start off by saying that you need to read it if you haven’t already.

The story follows Marie Santora, a young lesbian who wants to become a screen writer. She’s in a bad relationship with a woman who’s always cheating on her, but she can’t afford to move out since her money situation isn’t the best until her grandmother dies and leaves her $21 million. And the story begins …

Marie works on her script in hopes of becoming a famous screenwriter and decides that she has to find the right actress to play the main role and sets her eyes on Lorn Elaine … which sounds a lot like Lauren Elaine if you ask me.

Although the real Lauren Elaine is more of a model and fashion designer, the descriptions of Lorn Elaine sound a lot like Lauren Elaine …. auburn hair, teal eyes, absolutely gorgeous. You can find details on Lauren Elaine here.

In any case, Marie tries and fails at stalking Lorn Elaine only to end up at the same Jamaican resort with her and the entire Santora family, who in a few words are: loud, unable to keep secrets, and Italian.

The entire novel is written in a very funny and sarcastic tone. It’ll keep you laughing until you just can’t laugh anymore. Just the family drama is hilarious. It includes: an attack of a hot Jamaican meatball, an old lady falling into a pool, a brother trying to date a supposed lesbian, and a father always talking about food and drinks when others argue.

Bottom line: you need to read this book. I promise you won’t be disappointed!


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