“Love, Ellen” by Betty Degeneres

If there ever was a time when you wondered what a parent might think when their child tells them a secret they’ve been keeping, Betty Degeneres’ Love, Ellen is the book to read. In it, Ellen’s mother writes about her childhood and later Ellen’s childhood and the moment she learned that her daughter was gay.

If you watch The Ellen Degeneres Show then you probably know that Betty Degeneres goes to almost every taping and supports her daughter. You’d probably never guess that Ellen’s mom wasn’t always so accepting and actually had a brief time where she didn’t speak to her daughter.

Love, Ellen shows the parents’ thoughts and actions when their child says, “Mom, I’m gay.” I think everybody expects their parents to love them unconditionally, but what people may not realize is what parents go through when they hear from their children that they’re not exactly what they imagined they would be and that their lives may in fact be more difficult.

Degeneres writes honestly about her fear of what Ellen’s life might turn out to be and later about her involvement with Parents, Friends & Families of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG).

Love, Ellen is a great read for a parent who needs to talk to another parent about their fears or for a child who wants to understand their parents’ decisions better. Betty Degeneres is an amazing woman and writer; her honesty will astound you.

Pick up a copy today!


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