“Mrs. Dalloway” By Virginia Woolf

I was working on a new page for my blog today and while writing about Virginia Woolf I realized I haven’t written a blog post about my all time favourite novel, Mrs. Dalloway. So I thought I’d better write a post about it quickly.

Let me start by saying that I was always a weird kid when it came to books… meaning, I loved to read while other kids were out playing during recess. Mrs. Dalloway wasn’t a book I needed to read for any class, I had heard about Virginia Woolf and thought I needed to read something by her and my first choice was this very novel. I was fourteen.

Ever wonder what goes on during one day in the life of a regular woman? Mrs. Dalloway will answer that question. Although, I must admit the day does seem slightly over dramatic, it still is just a regular day, which happens to take twists and turns.

In short, the novel focuses on Clarissa Dalloway from morning to evening during one day. She is planning a party and while walking through town and making preparations, she thinks about the choices she’s made throughout her life. It’s really an amazing novel; one that you won’t regret reading, I can promise you that!


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