“Mockingjay” by Suzanne Collins

I just finished reading Mockingjay, the third and final book in The Hunger Games trilogy and my conclusion is, it was alright. The second book (Catching Fire) left off on a major cliff hanger and so my immediate reaction was to grab the third book and read it as fast as I could. I did grab the third book quickly, but the reading started out slow.

The first part of the book was hard to get through. Gale, as many of you know, didn’t have a huge role in the previous books, but has a major one in Mockingjay. Maybe for some readers that would be a good thing, but I quickly learned that I’m not a big fan of Gale. He’s much too political for my taste and not very understanding. I can’t go further into that without giving away some major spoilers.

Compared to the other two novels in the trilogy, this one is much more political and focuses a lot on war, politics, and how a society should be run. I’m not a fan of politics so this made it for for me to really enjoy the book to the full extent.

By the second and third parts of the novel, the story picks up and becomes more action packed. I did end up reading the last two thirds of the novel pretty quickly, but not because it had me gripped, but because I wanted to know how the trilogy would end. I’ll tell you this, all the questions you’ve had in the past are answered in Mockingjay, but not in the way you want them to be answered. I can promise you that you will be extremely angry throughout this novel … I know I was. Mockingjay is a bit of a downer, but what can you really expect from a novel about a dystopian society?

To keep you reading through the whole novel I’ll tell you this much, it ends on a positive note so at least there’s that to look forward to.


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