“Seriously … I’m Kidding” by Ellen Degeneres

Almost entitled The Joy of Sex Part 2, Ellen Degeneres’ third book, Seriously … I’m Kidding, is seriously funny! She’s mentioned in interviews that it’s her favourite book that she’s written so far and it’s my favourite that I’ve read of hers so far.

The book is the same format as her earlier books My Point … and I do have one and The Funny Thing is …, funny short essay type stories. (Do those even exist?) She talks about pretty much everything: her colonoscopy, Jesus in magazines, her time as a judge on American Idol, she even gives tips on how to become a model! Because you know she’s a Covergirl now.

The book is basically for everyone. She’s got a chapter for kids, a chapter for teenagers, and a chapter for adults. She answers all your frequently asked questions. She even asks some questions of her own. “How come when you wipe up dust it’s called dusting but when you wipe up a spill it’s not called spilling?” Now think about that for a while!

And for all you short story fans, Ellen’s got you covered. Here’s an example:

“It was a dark and stormy night. The streets were empty. They seemed sad almost and hollow. The wind was howling and the rain was pouring down … ”

I’ll leave you wondering what happened next.

But seriously, Ellen’s book will have you LMAOing, you will be laughing so hard that your ass will fall off. Bye-bye ass. I’m not kidding!

For more funny quotes and to see a dramatic reading of an excerpt from the book, click here.


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