“The G Free Diet” By Elizabeth Hasselbeck

I recently bought Elizabeth Hasselbeck’s book, The G Free Diet, and let me say to all the celiacs out there, you need this book. I am not a fan of Hasselbeck’s, but her book is a good source of information for anyone who needs or wants to cut gluten out of their diet.

I guess I should say what celiac is for those of you who don’t know what it is. So celiac disease is a severe intolerance to gluten. Sounds easy enough to handle right? Just like any other intolerance. Sorry to burst your bubble, but it’s not that simple. Gluten is defined as: wheat, rye, barley, and oats. Unfortunately, it’s found in a lot of foods so cutting gluten out of your diet is extremely difficult. I should know … I recently found out I can’t have gluten.

Hasselbeck was diagnosed with celiac in the late 1990s and she talks about the difficulties of first starting out on a G-free diet. She gives some great tips on how to know if a product contains gluten or not. She even offers lists of products that are gluten free and tips on restaurant etiquette. It’s a great book to check out for anyone with celiac, gluten intolerance, or just to stay informed.

For more information on her book, check this out.


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