“Dance in the Key of Love” by Marianne K. Martin

This is a story of failure.

So it begins … It was a dark and stormy night …Actually, I think it was just a cold and wintery night, but either way, I picked this book up hoping that it would be a good read. Long story short: it wasn’t. Long story long: I ordered this book and it’s sequel Dawn of the Dance off Amazon after buying Mari SanGiovanni’s Greetings from Jamaica, Wish You Were Queer…. SanGiovanni’s book came highly recommended so when I saw that Martin’s two books were listed near the bottom of the page under “people who bought this book also bought…” I thought it was promising. It wasn’t.

When I said this was a story of failure, I really mean failure in every sense of the word. I first picked this book up last summer and read about 20 pages. It failed to capture my attention so I put it down and grabbed something else. A few days ago I was looking at my bookshelf wondering which book to read and saw Dance in the Key of Love. I picked it up, forgetting that I hadn’t liked it before. I read about 30 pages and couldn’t read anymore. I know what you’re thinking, “but if you pick it up again, you might get through 40 pages, and the time after that might be 50 …” right? I wish! I hate buying books and having them sit on my bookshelf taking up space and mocking me with their terrible writing. This book had terrible writing. I couldn’t follow who the characters were and I was only 30 pages in!

What I got from those 30 pages were this: a bunch of girls were at a house party. They’re young because they’re still in school. One of the girls starts dancing and taking off her clothes. She dances with another girl who begins to think “hey, maybe I’m gay?” It was a confusing start for many reasons. Why are there a bunch of girls dancing around with one girl getting naked? And better yet, why are these girls doing that when they’re presumably in high school?

Point being, I didn’t like this book so I definitely do not recommend it. Save yourself some money and time and get SanGiovanni’s book instead. You’ll definitely love that one!


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