“The Second Summer of the Sisterhood” by Ann Brashares

I read the traveling pants series years ago and loved it! I bought the final installment of the series and decided I wanted to reread the series before the final novel. So on my journey to the bookshelf, I realized that I don’t have the first book in the series … The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. So for a quick recap:
Four friends buy a pair of pants that fit each of them perfectly. Therefore, pants = magic. Summer comes along and the girls go their separate ways, but they promise to share the pants among each other.
– Bridget goes to soccer camp, still torn over her mother’s suicide. She falls for a guy she shouldn’t fall for.
– Lena goes to Greece to visit her grandparents. She falls for Kostos, they have a world wind summer romance.
– Carmen goes to visit her father and his girlfriend turned fiance. She’s not happy with the new arrangement or her two new step siblings.
-Tibby stays home to work at Walmans and work on a documentary. She meets a 12-year-old girl named Bailey who changes her life.

Now that you’re all caught up, I’ll tell you a little bit about The Second Summer of the Sisterhood. Well, it takes place a year after the first novel. And if you guessed that it takes place during the summer, you’re right! This time:
– Bridget finds letters from her grandmother dated from when she was a young girl until a few years ago. She decides to hop on a bus to Alabama to meet her grandma (again). With her hair dyed brown (rather than her usual blonde) and her alias “Gilda,” Bridget tries to get to know her grandmother and learn more about her mother without letting on who she really is.
– Lena gets a job at a clothing stores and debates whether breaking it off with Kostos was a good idea. Until Kostos comes back, that is. They pick up where they left off, but not for long.
– Carmen’s mother falls in love. This doesn’t sit well with Carmen, she tries everything to keep her mother for herself.
– Tibby heads to college for a summer documentary course. She works up the courage to make a video about a friend she lost last summer.

I loved this novel. It focuses on real life situations, things we all experience in life: love, pain, heartbreak, and fear. But what this series teaches any reader is that although life throws crap at you 99.9% of the time, there are people around you who love you and support you no matter what. It’s a great message for everyone. So for all you people who think that this series might be “cheesy” or “lame,” pick up a copy of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and The Second Summer of the Sisterhood and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Happy reading!


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