“Shopaholic & Sister” by Sophie Kinsella


Becky Brandon (nee Bloomwood) is on her honeymoon with the one, the only, Luke Brandon. They’ve spent 10 months travelling the world and are finally on their way home, 2 months early. But before they head back to London, they stop in Milan. While Luke is out shmoozing some new clients, Becky goes shopping …. She finds the newest fad, an Angel handbag, at a shop and with the help of a mafia man, she gets her bag. A bag that, as Becky later puts it, is cursed.

With her bag on one shoulder and Luke on the other, the two arrive back in London. Little do they know, things have changed. Becky’s parents seem to be hiding a young woman, Suze has a new best friend and Luke quickly goes back to being work obsessed. This is not how Becky imagined her welcome home. One thing that hasn’t changed is Becky’s shopping addiction. After 10 long months travelling, she’s picked up a few souvenirs that somehow have managed to clutter the entire apartment. This shopping spree leads to several problems for Becky, Luke, and a third party, Becky Bloomwood’s sister, Jess. That’s right people, Becky has a sister, prepare yourself.

Kinsella’s novel, Shopaholic & Sister is spunky and just as hilarious as the previous ones. You won’t regret picking it up. And as for my shopping addiction, I’ve toned it down a bit, but I still give in to the occasional skirt, shirt or hat when I walk in to a store. It’s summer, a girl’s gotta splurge!

Happy reading!


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