“Can You Keep a Secret?” by Sophie Kinsella

Some of my deepest darkest secrets:

1) Every time I step onto a plane, I mentally say goodbye to everyone I know because I’m convinced this will be the moment I die.
2) I make a killer french toast, but I hate french toast.
3) I’m absolutely obsessed with my nails. (Girly, I know).

Everyone has secrets, but what happens when one day you tell all your deepest, darkest secrets to a complete stranger and next thing you know, that stranger isn’t much of a stranger anymore, he’s the head of the company you work for! That’s what happens to Emma Corrigan in Can You Keep a Secret?. She spills all her secrets to a man on a plane when they hit turbulence and she’s convinced she’s about to die. Next thing she knows, that same man is walking into her office building.

Kinsella’s Can You Keep a Secret?, like her hilarious Shopaholic series, is a funny read for any woman. I would say it’s a funny read for anyone, but this really is more chick-lit than anything else. Really good chick-lit! I couldn’t stop laughing. Emma, like Becky Bloomwood, has the ability to get herself into a lot of problems wherever she goes and I mean a lot!

I’ll admit, when I first started reading Can You Keep a Secret? I kept thinking, “well this isn’t like Shopaholic and Shopaholic is better.” In the end though, this novel is different from the Shopaholic series, Emma isn’t Becky and it’s still a really great read. Kinsella is a great writer and her novels really are laugh out loud funny. So grab a copy and happy reading!


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