“Twenties Girl” by Sophie Kinsella

If someone were to ask me, “How would you describe Sophie Kinsella’s Twenties Girl in one word?,” my answer would be: unreal. Unreal because the story includes a character who’s a ghost. Unreal because the ghost can talk to a living character. Unreal because the living character can talk to the ghost. Unreal because the ghost is the craziest and most wonderful character I’ve ever encountered in a book.

When I first started reading Twenties Girl, the word I would have used to describe this novel would be: boring. Boring because it’s unlike anything I’ve ever read of Kinsella’s. For one, she doesn’t usually have ghosts as main characters, and her heroines tend to be shopaholics. In the case of Lara Lington (the living heroine), she is the complete opposite of a shopaholic. In fact, she’s a very hard worker. Sadie Lancaster (the transparent heroine) also isn’t much of a shopaholic seeing as she can’t really buy things, but she does make several quick changes. After all, if you had the opportunity to think of a piece of clothing and magically be able to wear it, wouldn’t you?

Moving on … The novel starts at a funeral. Morbid, right? Yeah, I thought so too. Until right in the middle of the ceremony, Sadie’s ghost appears in front of Lara and starts screaming for her to stop the funeral because she can’t move on without her dragonfly necklace. And so the witty banter, faking a murder, looking crazy, pretending to be psychic, finding long lost art, getting revenge on a millionaire family member, and finding love while dressing in 1920s style begins. While Lara searches for Sadie’s dragonfly necklace, unexpected twists lead them on a path they never thought they’d take together.

For all you Shopaholic fans out there, I’ll tell you first-hand that this novel is hard to get into, but it’s definitely worth sticking with. It’s not like anything you’ve ever read by Kinsella, but it’ll just make you love her writing more. I definitely recommend Twenties Girl. And trust me when I say, you’ll never meet a girl like Sadie Lancaster.
Happy reading! 🙂


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