“Before I Go To Sleep” by S.J. Watson

Before I Go To Sleep was recommended to me by a friend. I had never heard of it so I wasn’t expecting too much even though she kept saying it was one of the best novels she had ever read. After reading it I can tell you that I feel exactly the same way. Actually, it might be the best novel I have ever read.

The story starts with a woman named Christine who, every morning, wakes up in a strange place with a strange man beside her. I know what you’re thinking, but it’s not that. Christine needs to be reminded every morning that she isn’t in her 20s anymore and is in fact 47 and the strange man beside her is Ben, her husband. Christine is an amnesiac. Over 20 years ago, she had an accident which left her with very little memories and the inability to create new ones. Christine is essentially a blank slate every morning (her memories that she has made throughout the day get erased during the night). Every morning until she meets Dr. Nash who suggests that she keep a journal and write in it everyday and everyday, reread what she had written in the previous days. There, on the front cover, she finds three words, “DON’T TRUST BEN.” And so the story starts and the question lingers, who do you trust when you don’t know who you are and you can’t remember anything or anyone?

The best way to describe Before I Go To Sleep, is a thriller. Although it is informative, in the sense that we can learn a little bit about amnesia, it is more of a thriller or mystery than anything else. Christine is left in the dark, with only Ben and Dr. Nash to rely on. The reader is also left in the dark, for the most part. Christine’s journal entries take up a good chunk of the novel and so we’ve left to question whether what she has written is true or not, amnesia’s have a tendency to imagine situations.

This is Watson’s first book, and an amazing one at that. It reads very well and very quickly and keeps you on edge until the very last page. A definite must read!

Grab a copy and, of course, happy reading! 🙂

Also, here’s a trailer for the book:


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