“The Undomesticated Goddess” by Sophie Kinsella


Hello, all and welcome to 2013! I thought since I started 2012 with a thriller, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest, that I would start 2013 off with a comedy so I picked up Kinsella’s The Undomesticated Goddess. I’ll admit that I’ve been trying to read The Undomesticated Goddess for a while now. I bought it a few months ago and tried to get past the first chapter, but it just never happened. I love Kinsella’s Shopaholic series so reading a novel about a single woman living in London who happens to fall in love with a man who she’s keeping a secret AGAIN wasn’t catching my attention. I was worried that I really wouldn’t like this novel since Becky Bloomwood wasn’t the main character, but once I finally sat down and started reading past the first chapter, I was hooked.

Samantha Sweeting is a high-powered lawyer living and working in London. She’s always on the go, working long hours and often staying at the office until late at night. Just as she’s on the verge of becoming partner in the firm, she realizes she’s made a huge multi million pound mistake. She runs from the office, gets on a train, and finds herself in a countryside town. After wandering into a house in search of water and asprin, she’s mistaken for an interviewee for a housekeeper’s position. Samatha has never cooked a day in her life. She doesn’t know how to do the laundry or iron clothes, she’s not sure which cleaning products to use while dusting. To say the least, she’s very unqualified, but she takes the job and manages to hide away from the ongoings at her law firm.

Kinsella is great at writing female characters who manage to get themselves into sticky situations. Though there are a lot of similarities between The Undomesticated Goddess and the Shopaholic series, the novel is a great if you’re looking for a quick and easy read.

Happy reading! 🙂


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