“Six Weeks to Toxic” by Louisa McCormack


As part of my promise to myself that I would read all the books that have been collecting dust on my bookshelf for years, I decided it was time to pick up Louisa McCormack’s Six Weeks to Toxic. If I were to describe this book in as few words as possible, they would be: girl drama that’s not worth reading.

Although McCormack is a Canadian author and I like supporting my fellow Canadians, her debut novel is nothing more than a flop. I’ve read my fair share of chick lit and this one just doesn’t pass the test. McCormack tries to take a different spin on the traditional boy meets girl story by adding a best friend breakup into the mix.

The novel focuses on Bess and Maxi, two women who have been friends for close to 20 years. When Maxi meets Tom, a guy who seems like the “perfect man,” Bess seems to get jealous; so jealous, in fact, that at times, it was annoying to read. When Bess becomes friends and eventually more with Tom’s friend, Marcus, Maxi becomes jealous to the extreme. Not only is Bess happy and in love, she’s gotten a promotion at work, and is all around cheerful. The girl drama keeps building up until everything explodes in the last three pages of the novel. The explosion was so short, if you blinked, you could missed it.

I’d recommend skipping this one and grabbing anything else off your bookshelf. Trust me, the girl drama is not worth it. Don’t we all have enough of that in our lives as it is?


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