“Caught” by Harlan Coben


Another Harlan Coben thriller has been added to my list. I just can’t get enough! I think, apart from the awesome and unpredictable twists, what pulls me toward Coben is his ability to write very strong female characters. I find that with thrillers, it’s easy to make women into the weak and victimized characters, but Coben doesn’t do that. He does the complete opposite. The female characters in his thrillers are strong, smart, sassy, and (for lack of a better word) cool. They don’t take crap from people, they stand up for themselves and the people they love, and they come out on top.

Caught has a female lead exactly like this. Her name is Wendy Tynes and she’s, in a few words, a badass reporter who does everything she can to uncover the truth. When Wendy reveals Dan Mercer as a pedophile on her news show, she has no idea what kinds of twists and turns she’s in for. What begins as an open and shut case quickly turns into a crazy bundle of mysteries and crimes like you wouldn’t believe.

This is the third Harlan Coben thriller I’ve read this year, the other two are Tell No One and Just One Look, and I think I’m confident in saying this is my favourite so far and not just because Wendy might be my favourite character after The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’s Lisbeth Salander, but also because I liked the story a lot more. Caught is much more of a crime/news thriller and less of a political scandal novel. I’m not much into politics so I appreciated the lack of it in this thriller.

My advice, grab a copy of Caught and clear your schedule because you’ll want to get through this one in one sitting. Happy reading!


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