“Hold Tight” by Harlan Coben


And so my thriller binge continues with another Harlan Coben novel …

In today’s tech-savvy world, everyone is connected in one way or another, but is this always a good thing? Maybe not. Hold Tight explores what happens when one family decides to start spying on their teenage son’s online activity.

Adam Baye is your typical teenager … he’s withdrawn, he doesn’t open up to his parents, and he has problems with friends. But when his closest friend commits suicide, Adam’s parents notice a bigger difference and decide to monitor his online activity. What starts out as an invasion of privacy, ends up with Adam missing and leads Tia and Mike Baye (Adam’s parents), along with many other members of the community, down a twisted and dangerous path.

While Tia and Mike search for their son, a man and his accomplice murder women in an attempt to find a lost video, a woman looks for a donor for her dying son, a young girl is left tormented after a teacher’s slip of the tongue, and a family tried to understand their son’s decision to commit suicide.

Hold Tight is a high-intensity read that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last chapter.

Grab a copy and happy reading! 🙂


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