“4:50 From Paddington” by Agatha Christie


It’s back to the thriller binge for me … well, I guess Agatha Christie is more of a mystery writer, but it still counts. I started reading 4:50 From Paddington last night and couldn’t put it down (except for the time I spent sleeping at night, but I picked the book up again as soon as I woke up). This was my first Agatha Christie novel (I know, I know … shame on me) and I loved it!

The novel starts with an older woman, Mrs. McGillicuddy, travelling by train. She sees a man strangling a woman in a train travelling alongside the one she’s on and immediately reports the murder to the train staff and again to staff on the platform when she exists the train. No one believes her and a body is not found anywhere on the train or at the station. So, Mrs. McGillicuddy tells her friend Jane Marple about what she saw. Maybe you’ve read or watched the Ms. Marple series so you may know that she’s one of Agatha Christie’s greatest detectives. Who knew a little old lady could make such a great detective, but she does! And let’s face it … little old ladies saving the day is kind of awesome.

The novel continues with Ms. Marple trying to figure out the mystery behind the strangled woman on the train. She employs the help of a woman named Lucy Eyelesbarrow. The two women soon discover that a family living alongside the train tracks near where the murder took place could somehow be involved. The police soon step in and once members of the family start turning up dead, Ms. Marple steps up her game and uncovers the mystery.

I think I’ll take out some more Agatha Christie on my next trip to the library. Until then, I suggest you grab a copy of 4:50 From Paddington and happy reading! 🙂



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