“Snow White Must Die” by Nele Neuhaus

snow white

This is the first novel by Nele Neuhaus that I’ve ever read and that should be no surprise since she’s a German author and this is the first of her novels that’s been translated into English. After reading Snow White Must Die, I think more of Neuhaus’s work should be translated into English.

On my last visit to the library, I was looking through the new titles shelf and came across this novel and I’ll admit, I was drawn to it by its title. Snow White Must Die … was this going to be some weird Once Upon a Time type novel? Or something else completely? Turns out, it’s something else completely.

On a cold November day, Pia Kirchhoff and Oliver von Bodenstein, an investigative police detective team, is called to the scene of a traffic accident ā€” a woman has thrown herself off a bride and onto a car. A witness comes forward and says he saw someone push the woman over the edge.

Pia and Oliver’s (I’m not going to use their last names because they’re so ridiculous to spell out every time) investigation leads them to a small town where 11 years ago two teen girls were murdered and their ex-boyfriend, Tobias Sartorius, was found guilty under circumstantial evidence. Now, after spending 10 years in jail, Tobias is back in town and no one seems happy about that except for his childhood friend and now famous actress, Nadia and his father.

As Pia and Oliver try to uncover what really happened to the woman on the bridge, another girl from the town goes missing and everyone points fingers at Tobias. Slowly, Pia and Oliver begin to uncover secrets that almost the entire town has been hiding for 11 years.

Snow White Must Die was a great read! Neuhaus gives the reader bits of information here and there to help them try to solve the mystery on their own. For example, a detective will get a phone call, but the reader will only be given one side of the conversation. Things like that kept me interested and on the edge of my seat.

My suggestion: grab a copy of Neuhaus’s novel and happy reading! šŸ™‚ And if you come across an interesting title at the library or bookstore, grab it because it just might be great.


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