“The Girl in the Green Raincoat” by Laura Lippman

green raincoat

I came across The Girl in the Green Raincoat while looking through the Mystery Books shelf at the library today and I picked it up because the title reminded me of Confessions of a Shopaholic … the girl in the green scarf. The novels nothing alike, which isn’t surprising since one is a romantic comedy and the other is a mystery/thriller. But back to The Girl in the Green Raincoat

Tess is seven months pregnant and works as a private investigator. After her doctor orders her to go on bed rest, Tess spends her days lounging on the porch and doing what she does best, watching people through her binoculars. One thing she notices is a woman in a green raincoat walking her dog at the same time every day until one day, Tess sees the dog without its owner. Unable to let this curious incident go, Tess starts looking into the woman’s disappearance and what she finds is a long trail of murders leading to one man who lives just minutes away.

I read Lippman’s novel within a few hours … it’s only about 150 pages long and was originally published as series in the New York Times. I thought it was alright. The writing was spunky, but at times I felt like Tess’s own storyline about her pregnancy and life got in the way of the mystery of the woman in the green raincoat. I’m all for knowing more about the main characters and building a bond with them as well as trying to unfold the mystery … I just think Lippman was trying to do too much in too little space. It’s a decent read if you’re looking for something to do to kill a few hours … pun intended.

Whether you choose to read Lippman’s novel or not, happy reading! 🙂


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