“Killer Cruise” by Laura Levine


I grabbed Laura Levine’s Killer Cruise on my last trip to the library thinking it might be a fun read and I was right! The novel was a great mix of funny and mystery … think Becky Bloomwood from Confessions of a Shopaholic ditches the shopping and becomes a Private Investigator instead. Pretty great, right?

Jaine Austen (no relation to Jane Austen) gets a job teaching a writing workshop on a cruise to Mexico and jumps at the chance to take a week off to bask in the sun. Little does she know, her cat, Prozac, manages to sneak onto the cruise ship with her. While Jaine tries to keep Prozac hidden, teach her class, and enjoy a vacation, she meets a family who soon becomes tangled in a murder mystery. When Jaine’s cruise ship neighbour is blamed for the crime, Jaine steps in and does some investigating of her own. Jaine not only tries to solve the mystery, but tries to find love and keep Prozac out of trouble. Can she do it? Only one way to find out … go out and grab a copy of Killer Cruise.

Happy reading! 🙂


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