“The Crocodile” by Maurizio De Giovanni


I grabbed a copy of Maurizio De Giovanni’s novel off the mystery shelf at the library thinking it sounded pretty interesting. Apparently De Giovanni is a best-selling thriller writer in Italy. So, the book would be amazing, right? Well, not exactly.

The plot was interesting … a man prowls the streets of Naples and kills teenagers and no one knows who he is or what his motive is. There are also different perspectives in the novel. The reader gets the killer’s perspective, the detectives’ perspectives, the victims’ perspectives, etc., but all motive and the identity of the killer are completely hidden until the very end of the novel. That was all really interesting and made for a good read.

What I didn’t like was the way the novel was written … it’s been translated from Italian so for all I know, it’s a translation issue. A lot of sentences sounded really awkward and extremely wordy. I found myself getting bored while reading some of the chapters, even if they were action packed.

My suggestion: if you’re going to read The Crocodile and you’re fluent in Italian, give it a try in Italian before trying the English version. It might be better! But if you’re planning on reading it in English, I’d say save yourself some time and skip this one.


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