Remember by Eileen Cook


Have you ever had a vision of someone you definitely don’t know, but somehow they feel familiar? That’s the case with Harper after she undergoes a procedure (Memtex) developed by her father to erase unwanted memories. Harper’s known as the “Mary Poppins” of her group of friends because of her never ending optimism, but when tragedy strikes, it’s as though the Harper everyone knows and loves is gone for good. She can’t stop crying, doesn’t feel the same kind of excitement towards life and no one seems to understand why she’s so depressed.

After secretly having the Memtex procedure, the old Harper is back, but that return is short-lived after she begins experiencing strange dreams and visions of a woman she’s sure she has never met. While protestors fight to have the Memtex procedure destroyed, Harper meets Neil a protestor who lost his brother due to extreme side effects in the form of early Alzheimer’s from the treatment.

While Harper fears she might be suffering from the same side effects, she begins to learn more and more about the company and procedure that her father built and what she learns shakes everything she ever knew to be true.

Eileen Cook has written a captivating story about memory and its dark secrets and overall importance. Remember begs the question, “should we have the capabilities to control which memories we keep and which we erase?

A definite must read! And (bonus!) it’s teen fiction so not only is it gripping, but it’s also a super fast read.

Happy reading! 🙂


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