Pop go my eyes (part 2)

Hey guys!

So a few days ago I tried out a bright purple eye makeup tutorial (with great success) and this time time, I’m trying out some brown and gold tones.

browwnnnn and gold!
browwnnnn and gold!

Along with purple tones, browns really help make green eyes look just a little more green. I used brown and grey for my base, a sparkly pink for the crease and gold to brush over the brown tones just to add that little extra sparkle.

Actually, when I first started really wearing makeup (when I was around 14 or so) I always used brown tones and loved it. Then I got bored and stopped using browns completely, but I think after trying out this look I’m back into it again. I don’t foresee myself rocking this look every day, but it’ll be a nice change from my usual eyeliner and mascara look.

Here are some more pictures my brown / gold makeup look:

brown brown 3

If there are looks you’d like me to try, leave a comment below! 🙂


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