Little Peach by Peggy Kern

Hey guys!

I just finished another book and here’s my review:

Though I found this book in the library’s Teen Fiction section, the subject matter is (sadly) applicable to all ages.

Michelle lives in Philadelphia with her grandfather and drug addicted mother. After her grandfather dies, Michelle’s mother kicks her out of the house and instructs her never to come back, insisting that anywhere is better than here. With only $51 saved and no other family to turn to, Michelle heads to the only place she thinks she may be safe: New York where a neighbourhood friend moved to earlier. What Michelle doesn’t realize is New York’s size and the impossibility of finding a single person in a big city.

While running through NY’s bus terminal, Michelle meets Devon, a young man who feeds her, clothes her and takes her into the home he shares with two other girls: Kat and Baby. At fourteen and with nowhere else to go, Michelle feels as though she got lucky, but that quickly changes when she learns how she must earn her keep. Devon becomes known as “Daddy” and Michelle becomes his “Little Peach” and she, Kat and Baby (who is only 12) spend each night in hotel rooms with various different men performing sexual acts.

Kern’s novel was incredibly hard to read for obvious reasons, but its subject matter, though horrible, is a reality in the world today. Girls are constantly being sold for sex, their bodies used and abused until there’s nothing left. What comes up often throughout the novel is the fact that no one is looking for these girls. They are all runaways from poor homes and sought out by pimps like Devon who trick them into believing they’re safe until it’s simply too late.

Here’s just a part of the Author’s Note detailing what I’ve said in a little more depth:

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 2.04.43 AM

Give this book a read, it’s definitely worth it!


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