I did my fiancée’s makeup

Hey guys!

This past weekend Em gave me full creative control over her complete looks, so of course I played around with her hair and tried out two different makeup looks.

For the first look, we were going out to meet with friends at Relay for Life so I went for a simple and minimalist look. Basically meaning that I made it look like she wasn’t wearing any makeup. For her hair, I went with a simple tucked in ponytail.

Here’s the final look:

IMG_6839 IMG_6837 IMG_6836 IMG_6834 IMG_6831

What I used: 

– Black eyeliner only at the outer corners of her eyelids
– Black mascara
– Foundation, blush & powder
– For the tucked ponytail, I used a hair tie and bobby pins to tuck away any unruly hairs

The next day we were heading out to a baby shower so I gave Em a light smokey eye and (after some hesitation) convinced her to put on a stripy black dress.

Here’s the final look: 

IMG_6851 IMG_6854

What I used: 

– Black, grey & white eyeshadows
– Black eyeliner on the outer edges of her eyelids
– Black mascara
– Foundation & powder
– A brighter pink blush

What do you think of the final looks? Are there any looks/colours you’d like me to try out on either myself or Em? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂


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