The woes of growing out a pixie cut (part II)

Hey guys!

So you may remember that I started using some Lush products last month that are meant to help hair grow faster. I’ve been using Lush’s shampoo called New and a pre-wash treatment called Roots. Both these products are aimed at stimulating new hair growth and helping current hair grow faster and stronger. In case you missed my full post, you can find my full post here.

So I’ve been using both New and Roots for a little over a month and a half and there’s definitely progress!

Here are some before shots:

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 2.08.52 PM Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 2.09.31 PM

As you can see, the top was slightly longer, while I kept the sides very short and shaved.

I’ve been using Lush’s Roots once to twice a week (depending on whether I remember to use it twice or not) and Lush’s New shampoo roughly every other day. Roots is excellent, especially on those really hot days when it’s unbearable to just sit in one spot let alone do anything else, because of its minty ingredients. I put it onto my scalp and work through to the ends of my hair and wait about 15 minutes while my head feels nice and cool before shampooing the treatment out.

So here’s the after:

IMG_3124 IMG_3122 IMG_3096 IMG_3087 IMG_3086

It’s becoming a bit harder to manage my hair now that the sides have grown out quite a bit (about an inch and a half), but I’ve been using a natural hair spray to tame my hair from the humidity and control those sides a bit.

I’ll keep you guys posted on next month’s progress! 🙂


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