Glasses: A Love Story

Hey guys!

So you may have noticed that some of the pictures I post of myself show me wearing glasses. I actually wear glasses all the time, but take them off when I take photos of my makeup so it’s easier to see the complete look without my glasses getting in the way. But the truth is, I love glasses! I have five pairs currently at home (two actually have an older prescription, but I wear them every now and then).

In the fifth grade I started having trouble reading off the blackboard or seeing things that happened at the front of the room such as things being shown on the projector … that’s right kids, we had projectors and not PowerPoint back then. I say this as if it was a million years ago when it was actually only 16 years ago. Hah!

Back to my story: I went and had my eyes checked and it turned out that I needed glasses. The optometrist warned me that I should wear them only when I need them (aka when I need to read the board or when I go to the movies, etc.). Did I listen? Nope! I loved my glasses so much that I wore them every waking hour of the day resulting in my sight getting worse and my needing to wear glasses all the time (which I was doing anyway).

My prescription still gets a little worse each time I go to the eye doctor, but I secretly enjoy that because with a new prescription comes the option of getting brand new frames and spicing up my look.

Here are my five pairs of glasses that I have now:

I love me some aviators! These are actually prescription lenses that I got from
My absolute fave pair! They’re grey. They’re ombré. They’re the best of both words!
These are an older pair that I don’t wear very often, but I was initially drawn to them because of their little floral design on the side.
These are also an older pair. I loved these glasses dearly, but the frames began to crack so I don’t wear them as often as I want to anymore.
red glasses
And finally: These babies are the ones I wear most often mainly because I have a tiny head and they’re the only ones that actually stay in place. I also love their vintage look.

And that’s that, folks!


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