Pan Am Craziness: Roller Figure Skating & Archery

Hey guys!

By now most of you know that I live in Toronto and this year, my city is hosting the Pan Am Games (yay!). I’m not super sporty, nor do I know a lot about sports, but I do always love to watch coverage of major sporting events (like the Olympics). Since all the events are happening just outside my door, I decided to get some tickets to a few of the events.

So far I’ve taken my mom to see Roller Figure Skating (I got the tickets for her birthday) and Em and I went to see Archery (unfortunately Katniss wan’t there, but Canada rocked it!).

I’ll admit, there have been some issues with the marketing behind the Pan Am Games, the way their website works and the setup at various venues (you can read my full rant on Buzzfeed), but the events themselves have been amazing!

Check out some of my pictures from Archery: 

IMG_7688 IMG_7687 IMG_7678

Fun Fact: The arrows move at an average speed of 250km/h!!!

And here’s a short video of my time watching Roller Figure Skating: 

I’ll also be making a short video of our time watching Archery, so I’ll post that here too! 🙂


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