Today, while the sun was shining and the city was bustling with people pushing their way down crowded sidewalks, a part of my world collapsed. Today, while I walked down busy Toronto streets, trying hard to see through the blurriness of my tear-filled and swollen eyes, my uncle lay brain-dead in Poland. Today, as I woke up from a horrible nightmare, I felt my uncle with me and I knew he was no longer in Poland.

Today, I remember my uncle who always called me his little parrot because of all the stories I would constantly tell. Today, I remember my uncle, my mom’s baby brother, who would always laugh and smile. Today, I remember my uncle, who over a decade ago, lost his leg to severe diabetes and was not expected to live more than a couple of years. Today, I am thankful for the years we did have and the memories we made.

Though your body remains connected to machines breathing for you, your suffering is over. You will be free soon and I know you, along with grandma, will always watch over our family.

I love you,
Your parrot



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