Wedding Planning (or how to get incredibly stressed out)

Hey everyone!

Sorry it’s been so long since my last post, but wedding planning has kept me incredibly busy. Em and I are getting married in exactly two weeks and I can’t wait, partly because I can’t wait to be married to the most amazing person I know, and partly because I can’t wait to get my evenings and weekends back.

Jennifer Lopez in The Wedding Planner made wedding planning look like a breeze, and more importantly, she made it look like fun. Well, I’m here to tell you the unfortunate truth that along with the fun comes lots of stress.

When Em and I got engaged back in September of 2014, we made sure to get a lot of the big planning out of the way: venue, caterer, photographers, wedding ceremony location, DJ, etc. We agreed on everything and we’ve agreed on everything since, which has definitely made the process easier. It’s the glitches along the way, like vendor schedules not lining up, endless meetings, and constant questions on topics we’ve never even thought to consider that make wedding planning really crazy and hectic. That, along with final details that can only be taken care of closer to the wedding date.

The best tip we keep getting is to just go with the flow and when things don’t work out, to just think of a different solution and roll with it. So that’s been our best saviour … well, that and beer.

But it’s really not all bad, there have definitely been some great highs like having our final dress fitting, having our makeup and hair trials, and having our bridal shower. It’s so much fun getting pampered! But it’ll be so nice when we can sit back and relax and enjoy being married.

I’ll write another post after we’re married, but until then, enjoy these pictures from our bridal shower and makeup/hair trials!

Much love!


At our Bridal Shower.


Two cakes are better than one.
With our moms ❤
My wedding makeup trial.
Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 4.20.44 PM
Em’s wedding makeup trial.
My hair trial from the side.
Em’s hair trial. The amount of detail at the back is amazing!

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