My Wedding Day #lovewins

Hello all,

Finally, the day I share my wedding photos with all of you is here! YAY! And sorry it took so long. Between work and enjoying married life, I haven’t taken the time to blog much.

Emily and I got married on May 28th in Toronto and it was, hands down, the absolute best day of our lives. I know everyone says that your wedding day is the happiest day of your life. We both spent a lot of time thinking, “yeah right! There’s be other happier days!” But until those come along, I can safely say that the rumours are true, my wedding day was the best.

We started the day off by getting ready at my mom’s place with all our bridesmaids and our moms. One of Emily’s bridesmaids was also our makeup artist for the day (she’s amazing and you should check her out here)! It was so nice having everyone around while we got ready. Everyone was all smiles (and a little emotional).

From there, we all hopped onto a bus that took us down to city hall. Surrounded by our closest friends and family, we said our vows and it was perfect. Minus the fact that I was basically crying the entire time. I thought I would cry, but I thought it would happen during the speeches (which it did), but as soon as I got to the front of the chapel and saw Em, I lost it and continued loosing it the entire ceremony. Good thing they had tissues!

The entire day including the ceremony and reception were really relaxed and filled with love, which I think was mainly due to the size of our wedding. We had just over 40 guests, all people who are important in our lives and that definitely attributed to all the feelings of love and warmth. Our venue, Balzac’s in Toronto’s Historic Distillery District, also definitely helped with the chill vibe. That and our converse. That’s right, us along with our wedding party all wore converse!

We decided not to have any fancy tables and kept the cafe looking like it does on a regular day, with the exception of the bar and a few decorations we DIY’d. We also decided against a set menu and went with food stations serving tacos, mac’n’cheese, risotto, and liquid nitrogen ice cream. YUM!

So moral of the story, getting married is the best! I’ve never smiled as much as I did on May 28. If weddings weren’t so expensive, I’d marry Emily every year!

Toronto City Hall – saying our vows
Just another day, strolling through the Distillery District
My mom hugging her new daughter-in-law. I love this picture so much!
Hugging my new mother-in-law
Outside City Hall, showing off our converse
The best picture ever! 
Nothing like matching tats to make a wedding photo look that much more awesome!


Our wedding favours – individual packets of Balzac’s blend coffee
Because every wedding needs a hashtag!
Our photographers loved that we included a photo of one of their many gifts in our guestbook. 


First introduction as a married couple. Photo taken inside Balzac’s.
And of course, our first dance. 


And finally, I want to give a shoutout to all of our amazing vendors. If you’re getting married and you’re struggling to find the right photographers, caterer, venue, DJ, or makeup/hair artists, look no further than this list:

Caterers: The Food Dudes
Photographers: Rowell Photography
Venue: Balzac’s Coffee Roasters
DJ: Lexx Decibel
Makeup Artist: The Glitter Geek
Makeup Artist for the bridal party & mothers of the brides: Tess Siochi
Hair Artists: Blush Pretty


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